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Our Running Programs and Coaching

We know that every runner is different. Some of us thrive in a community with a lot of social support and accountability from our peers; others prefer training on their own with a fully customized approach and personal attention from their coach. Whether you're looking for education and new skills, connection with other runners, accountability in your training, or full service coaching, we have it covered!

Small Group Programs

Our signature system blends online learning, independent training and group support with the expertise of a coach and the power of a mastermind! In these intensive programs, you'll train "virtually together" with a group of other women on a similar running journey.

We offer groups for beginner runners, those training for a specific race distance, and runners who are interested in learning practical skills to improve and strengthen your running, better understanding training principles and how it all fits together to boost your health and confidence.

Best fit for runners who:

Community Membership

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Best fit for runners who:

1-on-1 Coaching

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Best fit for runners who:

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