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Our Running Programs and Coaching

We know that every runner is different. Some of us thrive in a community with a lot of social support and accountability from our peers, while others prefer training on their own with a fully customized approach and continuous feedback from their coach.


Whether you're looking for education and new skills, connection with other runners, accountability in your training, or full service coaching, we have it covered!

Small Group Intensives

Our signature program, these small group sessions run 10-12 weeks and blend online learning, independent training, and group support with the coach’s expertise.

Benefits include:

  • Video lessons with practical training, technique and self-care skills

  • Weekly group calls for check-ins and coaching

  • Full community access, including a private chat and accountability group

  • Structured training plan and access to a coach

  • A community that aligns with your running journey

Best fit for runners who:

  • Enjoy group training

  • Run primarily for health and fitness

  • Want to complete a race such as 5K, 10K, or half marathon with a virtual team by their side

  • Want to learn more about technique and variety

  • Are happy to do "homework" and able to invest 10-12 weeks of focus and time to take a deeper dive into healthy training habits

1-on-1 Coaching

This completely personalized approach provides comprehensive help customized to you, with lots of communication and accountability to boot!

Benefits include:

  • A fully personalized training plan

  • Workout data analysis and feedback

  • Unlimited text and email access to your coach

  • Monthly meetings to review progress, make adjustments, and set goals

  • Optional add-ons like running form assessment or in-person workouts (location dependent)

Best fit for runners who:

  • Have a demanding schedule and require highly tailored training

  • Have performance race goals

  • Have a history of injuries

  • Are beginners who need more feedback

  • Are ready for more complex workouts

  • Need a high level of accountability

Group Coaching

Form meaningful connections and expand your training possibilities with this low-pressure coaching format designed for women runners of all types.

Benefits include:

  • A library of training resources and plans

  • Access to a certified running coach

  • Social support and encouragement from women runners like you

  • Training tips, advice, and group discussions

  • Virtual group meetups hosted by the coach

  • Supplementary material for any training plan you’re on

Best fit for runners who:

  • Enjoy group accountability and encouragement

  • Have graduated from our group programs

  • Are in between training plans

  • Want access to expert tips, ideas, and running resources

  • Require less structure and lower commitment

  • Are self-motivated but need direction

  • Need coaching access but on a lower budget

If you need our recommendations for the best fit for you,
book a free 30-minute consultation to learn more!

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