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Our private, online community is a coaching membership combined with a virtual run club! It gives you the expertise of a certified running coach with bucketloads of accountability and support from like-minded women runners.


Our members are recreational runners in their mid 30s to 60s  busy women with families, jobs, and businesses to run, who share a love of running. Some are new to it while others have been running on and off for decades. Some are training for race goals; others run for fitness, fun, and long-term health.


If that sounds like you, too, and you want to feel empowered, encouraged and inspired by runners just like you, you have found the right place!

The coaching membership focuses on what it takes to become a healthy, committed, confident runner. We talk about habits, routines, and help you with accountability. We run frequent community challenges and members' events, get together on coaching calls, and share our wins and our challenges. You'll get access to our library of training plans and continuous support and accountability from your coach and other members.

Community membership costs $49/month. This includes:

  • Access to an experienced coach for personalized help with your training questions and running concerns. 

  • A library of adjustable training plans to choose from, and guidance on finding the right one for you.

  • Live sessions and events for Q&As, discussion, and to connect with other members.

  • Group accountability, support and motivation! Learn from your peers, inspire others, share your running experience with an encouraging and inclusive community.

  • Priority access and discounted pricing on all our courses, programs, and running gear.

Why should I join?

Two key elements that have been proven to improve your chances of success are accountability and social support. Run Empowered gives you both!


A coach will help you find structure and balance in your training and keep you training smart. In our community, you're sharing a coach with other women, and the support you get goes far beyond coaching. By sharing the space with other community members, you'll learn from and inspire each other, and the group motivation will give your training an extra boost. And when you take part in our group calls, member events, or join one of our programs, our virtual running team becomes a place where you feel like you belong.


Not a fan of social media? You don't have to be! Our membership is on a private community platform, built with the help of feedback from our members. Access it on your web browser or through an iOS app. 

We'll welcome our next cohort of new members in August!


We're opening a new and improved community and welcoming a group of new members at that time. Pre-register now, and you'll get in as soon as the doors are open!

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