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Elements of Running

This eight-week intensive small group program is designed for women who already run or run/walk regularly.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Master targeted exercises and drills to improve your running form, strength, and mobility

  • Understand the role and benefits of different workouts and their place in your program

  • Know effective self-care techniques for common running injuries and their prevention

  • Learn strategies for staying healthy, improving with age, and training smarter, not harder

  • Train with a new spark of motivation and enjoyment!

This program will return in Spring 2022.

In the Winter 2022 season, we are running a virtual 10K & half marathon training program.

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Topics we cover:

  • Effective warm-ups and stretching

  • Pacing, effort, and tracking your training

  • Run-specific strength

  • Drills and cues to improve running form

  • Muscle self-care and mobility

  • Injury prevention and treatment

  • Introducing tempo and hill training

  • Mindset and mental skills

What you get:

  • Weekly video lessons

  • Training plan that's customized for you and your running goals

  • Weekly group call for coaching, guided workouts and discussion

  • Private group chat for accountability, questions for the coach, and to connect with your training group

How do I know if this program is right for me?

This program is designed for women who already run or run/walk regularly. That could be 2 miles, or it could be 12. As we're a virtual program you won't need to keep up with anyone else! The content is designed so that you'll learn and find inspiration whether you're a relatively new runner or you've been running for 30 years. In a small group, we are able to shape the content so it's just right for the group we have  it's never exactly the same!


You'll get the biggest gains from this program if you have sufficient fitness to put the lessons into practice. You should be able to run 3-4 times a week. If you're new to running, check out our Foundations program!

Will this fit in my busy life? What's the weekly time commitment?

This course is designed to fit your schedule and will not add countless hours to your training! Rather, the aim is to simplify and do the right things. This may mean doing a little more, but for some, this means doing less. Most likely you’ll be swapping out some workouts for different types of sessions that bring greater benefits.

The video lessons are short, designed to give you what you need so you can get on with your training. The Zoom call is at a set time each week (mid week evening, Pacific time) and scheduled to take about an hour. The training plans include 3-4 runs a week, plus strength and mobility in small chunks.


Your needs, goals, and schedule come first, and you'll be in control of your time. What we provide is adjustable, and meant as a framework for lasting changes and healthy training habits that stick.

This program will be back in Spring 2022.

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