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Personal Online Run Coaching

Want to reach your running goals faster, safer, and with more accountability? Our personalized coaching is the perfect solution for runners who wish to train with purpose in between their busy lives. 


Personal run coaching will help you find structure, push past plateaus, improve race performance, discover new training techniques, avoid injury, and run strong and healthy for the long term. A coach holds you accountable and knows precisely the balance of encouragement and push you need. The best part? Your running coach will keep you motivated with fresh perspectives and big-picture advice in between.


This one-on-one training is designed for recreational runners who commit to the sport for fitness and health or to set and beat personal records. You’ll be coached remotely, but you also have the option of adding in-person workouts, running assessments or meetings in the SW Portland, Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, Wilsonville and Lake Oswego area.

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A personal running coach can help you get there smarter and faster. Whether you want to run your first race or feel more confident for your next one, we’ll create a customized training plan to help you succeed.


With our help, you’ll learn the skills and confidence to:

  • Complete your first 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon

  • Improve your race times 

  • Safely get back to running after a break due to career, family, or injury

  • Enhance an aspect of your running such as speed, endurance or agility

  • Discover a running routine that works for your busy lifestyle

  • Minimize performance plateaus and boredom

Personal run coaching costs $197/month and includes:

  • A customized training plan with unlimited adjustments when needed, delivered online through Final Surge (allowing easy syncing with your running watch/app and your calendar)

  • Unlimited text and email access to your coach

  • A monthly meeting (Google Meet or in person) to review training and set goals

  • Workout data sharing and analysis for feedback and continuous coaching

  • Access to additional resources and our virtual running team through our community

No minimum contract required. Train with one-on-one guidance consistently or when you need extra help.

What you can expect when you train with me

A focus on your health and enjoyment of running.

My background and expertise in sports massage and anatomy allow me to address injury prevention, self-care, and treatment of common aches and pains. My experience as a mom, business owner and lifelong athlete helps me understand what you need to make running fun and accessible in your busy life. I emphasize smart training habits and finding the right balance between pushing hard enough to make progress and knowing when to hold back, so you stay healthy!


Coaching that's 100% personalized.

I see every runner as an individual. I don’t settle for cookie-cutter training plans, and neither should you! I create a customized experience for every client, from the workouts in your training plan to the type of support I provide. With a small client base, I am able to get to know all my clients well.

Realistic scheduling and great communication.

Flexibility, communication, and being realistic about life and work schedules are key to me. Running is not your only commitment, and it should be something you look forward to in your day! I strive to understand your weekly schedule and build a plan that works with your life. Every successful training plan is adjustable, so I'll ask questions, love feedback, and will happily modify your plan when necessary.

Coaching with kindness – and a push when you need it.

You can count on me for kindness, encouragement and accountability, but I'm also not afraid to challenge you when I see you're ready for it. You’re in charge, but I’m here to remind you of the goals you set for yourself (not for me, and not for anyone else) and to help you reach them. 


Big picture perspective. 
Many of my clients are focused on their long-term goals rather than a single race. Success is about progression and consistency over time and staying healthy today so you can keep training tomorrow! This means sometimes needing to hold you back rather than risk injury or overtraining.