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OUR MISSION is to educate and empower women runners to run with more confidence. To share knowledge that allows you to train smart and stay healthy; to help you overcome obstacles and push your boundaries; to inspire you to keep reaching higher.


Every runner is equal here – no matter how far you run, or how fast. We focus on the 40- and 50-something runner, because we know the potential that's within you. We help you discover it, too, by creating a space for women to work together, push each other, and learn from and inspire each other.

We support empowered, confident, inclusive and safe running for all.



  • You'll feel empowered and in control of your running health. You'll be more knowledgeable about self-care, recovery, and injury prevention, and have the right tools and techniques to prevent and treat running related aches.


  • You'll grow in confidence as you learn skills to improve your strength, mobility, running form, speed, and endurance.


  • You'll discover how the right workouts and the right training plan will help you improve at any age and at any stage of running.


  • You'll be supported, inspired, and held accountable by your virtual training group and your expert coach. Working together with other like-minded women will nurture your joy and love of running!

Heini is a certified running coach many times over – with UK Athletics, USA Track & Field, Road Runners Club of America, and Healthy Running. She’s an experienced sports massage therapist and pain specialist, and has been coaching groups and individuals since 2015. 

She's also a 40-something runner. Whichever shoes you're in right now, Heini has very likely been there. She knows the joy a great run will bring; the ups and downs in motivation; setting goals; reaching some and falling short of others. She understands the frustration of injuries, and the relief of running pain-free.
Through 15 years of clinical experience and twice as long in competitive sports, Heini has seen time and again that the greatest successes don’t come from one single, magic ingredient. With her help, you can discover lasting health and enjoyment in your running as you learn smart training habits, relevant self-care, and the importance of listening to your body.
Heini’s philosophy blends a goal-driven focus with a deep understanding of our bodies’ interlinked connections. Her clients know Heini as a skilled and knowledgeable guide who genuinely cares and is invested in your success.

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Coach Heini Tallent


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Enjoy more good running days, beat low motivation and reach your goals!


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