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Joining our members' community is a lot like joining a run club. For an annual or quarterly membership fee, you get access to the expertise of a certified running coach combined with bucketloads of accountability, motivation and support from like-minded women runners around the country.


Our members are recreational runners in their mid 30s to 60s. They're busy women with families, jobs, and businesses to run, who share a love of running. Some are new to it while others have been running on and off for decades. Some are training for race goals; others run for fitness, fun, and long-term health.

Membership costs $250/year or $75/quarter

and includes:

Community & Connection:

First and foremost, this is a place for you to find your crew and belong. Our community hub is always open for conversation, questions, and for you to share your wins and challenges with other women runners. Our community is small, which means you'll actually get to know each other (and your coach gets to know you)!

Training Tips & Weekly Accountability:

We regularly share practical exercises or training tips that runners of all levels can add to their training. And every week, there are goal setting and accountability check-ins for those who need the added motivation.

Direct Access to a Certified Running Coach:

Ask your training questions, any time. We also host dedicated sessions for live Q&As and coaching.

Running Resources:

An ever-growing library of training videos, articles, and resources for a wide range of running goals.

Healthy Foundations course:

To get you started, our community also includes our 8-week foundational training program: two training plans for beginners and to introduce structured workouts, video lessons to support your learning, and a dedicated space to ask for guidance and feedback. For those who want extra accountability, we also regularly run small group training with extra perks and support to go through the Foundations program together.

Optional Add-ons:

Customize your membership by adding team running gear, personalized training plans, or running form assessment. You'll also get priority access to our group programs, clinics, and annual retreat!

Join us today in 2 simple steps:

  1.  Complete and submit a membership agreement so we get to know a little more about you and your goals.

  2.  Set up your quarterly or annual payments.

If you join and for any reason discover it's not what you were looking for, we'll do our very best to put it right. If it's not the right fit we offer a two-week money back guarantee.