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Womens Race Practice



Community over competition  always.


The Run Empowered online community is your safe space for conversations, motivation and accountability around your running. As a member, you'll connect with inspiring women runners across the country. You'll benefit from community and coaching feedback, find support and encouragement, have fun with our monthly challenges, and become a part of our team and our virtual run club. 


Every runner is equal in our community; your pace, goals, or length of running experience doesn't matter. Our members are recreational runners in their mid 30s to 60s  busy women with families, jobs, and businesses to run, who share a love of running. Some are new to it while others have been running on and off for decades. Some are training for race goals; others run for fitness, fun, and long-term health.


If that sounds like you, too, and you want to feel empowered, encouraged and inspired by runners just like you, you have found the right place!

Together, we inspire each other, push past limits, build camaraderie and make running fun!

Our community has endless ways to keep you engaged while on your running journey.


Use the group for accountability and motivation with your training, ask training questions, share your runs and photos, celebrate your wins, start conversations, get recommendations from the community, and more! The community is yours to shape and grow, with a level of involvement that feels right to you.


Being a member is totally free. But you can also take your membership further with paid extras like custom training plans, group or individual coaching, running form assessment and team running gear.

Our community is easy to access through your web browser or an iOS app. It is NOT on social media.

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Sounds awesome  how do I join?


The Run Empowered community opens to a new group of members every 12 months through a challenge or group event. This gets you connecting, learning, and benefiting from the incredible power of community from day 1. 

Our events are something different every time. They are open to all community members, but you'll be in a cohort of new members learning the ropes together  you won't feel like the new kid in class. These challenges are fun but practical, giving you skills to support your running and extra motivation to keep going.

Ready to join us? Let's dive into this running journey together!

Join us for our June 1st Global Running Day virtual group run!

Request your personal invitation and save your spot by filling out this short application form.

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