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Smart, sustainable running habits for women who want to feel healthy, confident and capable


Discover confidence, fun and longevity as you run through your 40s, 50s, and beyond. Learn smart training habits, effective self-care, and the art of listening to your body.

Our fresh approach to run coaching has the power to transform your running! Our magic is in understanding what it takes to build a healthy, strong, and resilient runner and sharing that with you in a way that makes sense.

We build runners for life – not just for a race.

We designed our programs for recreational runners in their 40s and 50s.

Whether you've been running for years, for months, you're totally new to it or you recently returned to running after a break – you belong here. We build our training in a way that allows you to learn from and be inspired by other women, whatever your pace, experience, or location!

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ELEMENTS is for you if you want to enjoy healthy and confident running for life.

Where are you on your running journey?

Maybe you just returned to running after a break, and it's not as you remembered it. Or maybe you've been running for years, but something has changed. Mostly, it's still good. On some days it's great. But recently you've noticed that your pace isn’t really improving, and your body hurts in places it didn't use to. It may feel like you spend more time recovering than running. You know you want to keep running as you get older, but you're missing the spark and you worry about injury.

That's where we come in.

We have a passion for running. We know running. We also know anatomy, biomechanics, and injury – and we understand what makes the middle-aged female runner different, and why generic advice doesn’t always apply.

We care about you as a WHOLE person. When you join our crew, you'll learn how to improve your running, but we understand that running needs to fit around all the other areas of your life. We help you find ways to ground your routines and habits while having fun!


Small Group Programs

Elements of Running is our signature program; a carefully balanced blend of personal coaching, online learning and teamwork. This is where the magic happens! 


You’ll train with a group of women who, just like you, are ready to commit to making changes for healthier, happier running. Runners in this program benefit from education, small group meetups, full coaching support, and a structured training plan at your own level.


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Coaching Community

The Run Empowered community is a safe, inspiring and welcoming space for conversations, motivation and accountability around your running. 


As a member of this private community, you'll connect with other women runners while benefiting from coaching, accountability and regular members' events. Join us and feel empowered, motivated and supported by runners just like you.


One-on-One Coaching

Our personal approach gives you one-on-one support with a fully customized training plan. You'll enjoy unlimited access to your coach, regular check-ins, and workout analysis. 


Whether you’re looking for support to improve performance, train for a race, safely get back to running consistently, or find a running routine that works for you, we’ve got your back.


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I'm a longtime, on-and-off recreational runner, and Heini's program gave me the structure and support I needed to get running again.  I no longer feel old and out-of-shape but strong and capable.


The training plan gave me structure and goals I could visualize. The weekly calls and chat provided accountability  and hearing other people describe conquering obstacles gave me the boost to get my shoes on and get out the door!


I learned more about running than I had in the 40 years I've been running! I was also impressed by how adaptable the program was to our individual goals. Instead of worrying about keeping up I could focus on improving at my own pace. The group was always there to inspire and encourage.


Heini's professionalism, deep knowledge, and encouraging approach was just what I needed. I'm starting to feel like my old (young) self again!

 Chrissy C.

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Coach Heini is supportive, knowledgeable, professional and fun to work with! She is always available and quick to respond to questions. 


I recently participated in her virtual training program and it really motivated me to focus more on my running goals. Heini was instrumental in fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment: the participants shared information and encouraged each other throughout the program. Each of us was on our own journey, but we were able to share our experiences.


I would definitely participate in Heini's next session. I love the accountability of having running mates and a running coach!

 Lorraine M.

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Heini is an excellent running coach – not only is she very knowledgeable, but she really cares. 


When I started training with Heini, I wasn’t a regular runner. I only felt comfortable running on the treadmill in my home. But after joining her group everything changed. Heini made me feel at ease and little by little, she pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me believe that I was going to be okay. 


Heini has made all the difference in how I feel about running, and I’m now not afraid to train for marathons!

Marisol M.

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Enjoy more good running days, beat low motivation and reach your goals!


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