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Elements of Running

Our signature small group programs are offered at different levels based on your running experience, goals, and  knowledge. From beginners and those returning to running after a break, to intermediates looking for performance improvements, we've got a spot for you. 

These programs combine the magic of a mastermind with personalized coaching and group motivation. They are more educational in nature, designed to teach you practical running skills to take your running to the next level.

By the end of this program you will:

MASTER targeted exercises and drills to improve your running form, strength, and mobility.

UNDERSTAND the role and benefits of different workouts and their place in your program.

KNOW effective self-care techniques for common running injuries and their prevention.

LEARN strategies for staying healthy, improving with age, and training smarter, not harder.

TRAIN with a new spark of motivation and enjoyment!

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What you get:

  • Weekly video lessons, designed to be quick and easy to implement

  • Training plan that's customized for you and your running goals

  • Weekly group calls for coaching, connection, guided exercises and discussion

  • Private group chat within our membership community for accountability, questions for the coach, and to connect with your training group

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elements of endurance
elements of speed

Level 1:  These programs are for complete beginners, new runners, and run/walkers, looking to establish a running routine and learn more about the fundamentals of structured training.


Level 2:  These programs are for intermediate runners doing anything from 3 miles to half marathons, with some experience of different types of workouts and a regular running routine.


Level 3:  These more advanced programs are for those who have already completed some of our Level 2 courses and want to add speedwork or train for performance goals. 

Contact us for more information about our next group programs. We will have Level 1 & 2 programs starting in September 2022 – registration opens soon!

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Learn the essential elements for more balanced, resilient running. Adjust your training schedule to run strong and stay healthy

for the long term!

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