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Small Group Program

Elements of Running is our signature program, a carefully balanced blend of personal coaching, online learning and teamwork. It's designed for women who enjoy group motivation and want to learn new running skills  whether you're just getting (re)started or looking to improve your form, endurance, strength, or speed.

Each program brings together a group of women who become your team, your circle, your supporters and your cheerleaders. You’ll train together (virtually!) with the guidance of your expert coach. Runners in this program benefit from online video lessons, regular small group meetups, private group chat within our community, full coaching support, and a structured custom training plan.


Our aim is to help you discover a running routine that's fun, healthy, and sustainable for the long term!

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Personal Coaching

Each Elements Running Education program gives runners what they need without any nonsense. That includes a personalized program for runners who crave something more specific.


A running coach may sound like a luxury, but results are invaluable. When you work with a qualified professional who creates a pathway to your unique goals, you’re investing in quicker success and an overall better outcome. Whether you’re seeking support to train for a specific race, safely get back to running consistently, or find a realistic running routine that works with your busy life, we’ve got your back.

When you subscribe, you'll also get our FREE guide


"4 Pillars of Running Strong and Healthy in Your 40s and Beyond"


Learn the essential elements for more balanced, resilient running. Adjust your training schedule to run strong and stay healthy

for the long term!

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